E3 Hopes & Expectations

Another year, another E3. It’s that time of year when the biggest players of the industry come together and try to outdo each other’s big announcements. I have high hopes for what we could see from Nintendo, Sony, and surprisingly, Electronic Arts. Will those hopes be met? Here are the lists of my top 10 hopes and expectations for what we’ll see at this year’s E3.


1. That we will learn the fate/current progress of No Man’s Sky
2. Sony’s conference will reveal a number of great new titles for the Playstation 4 that will come out less than 3 months after their announced release date.
3. Microsoft’s conference will feature a number of games that do not focus on shooting or sports.
4. At some point Sega will FINALLY announce a Western/US release of Phantasy Star Online 2
5. Bethesda will officially announce Fallout 4, complete with trailer.
6. Ubisoft’s conference will not have absolutely terrible hosts.
7. Nintendo will not only announce, but show off the new, as yet unseen, Zelda game for the Wii U.
8. Nintendo will announce a new Star Fox, Metroid, and/or F-Zero title for the Wii U or 3DS.
9. EA will have a ton of news on the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game.
10. Someway, somehow, a new Legacy of Kain game written and directed by Amy Hennig will be announced.


1. The most interesting news will be coming from new and independent studios, but the press will still focus on the same big companies.
2. Sony will announce that Drive Club and Destiny have both been delayed and whatever their big holiday seller is will invariably be delayed until sometime in 2015.
3. Microsoft’s conference will be nothing but sports, shooters, and bad decisions.
4. Sega will, for another year, become completely silent about PSO2 and when asked will respond with “What’s that?”.
5. Bethesda will not mention anything about their hit franchises, Fallout and Elder Scrolls, instead focusing on their new game, BattleCry.
6. Aisha Tyler will be back, again.
7. The only Zelda news will be about the previously announced “Hyrule Warriors”.
8. The only chance Star Fox and F-Zero have of appearing in new Nintendo titles are Smash Brothers and the hinted at Skylander-esque game.
9. EA will spend most of its time on its Sports and Casual Market. Only mentioning Star Wars Battle Front for a new or slightly extended teaser trailer.
10. Square Enix will announce the cancellation of the currently in production Nosgoth game. Yet again killing an entry in the Legacy of Kain series.
Bonus: 90% or more of the announced titles will never come to PC.

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